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Disaster! IT Happens…

Disaster! IT Happens…

Can your business survive?
In April, 2014 a fire broke out on the second floor of an Oxnard Medical Plaza. Being the workplace of about a dozen private practice doctors, dentists and chiropractors the aftermath of the event was catastrophic. Although the fire never spread to the first floor, the effort to extinguish the fire resulted in flooding the entire building.
Thankfully for some a contingency plan was put in place for just such a disaster. For those fortunate individuals this will only be remember as a major inconvenience. It’s possible to relocate a business and buy new hardware but if the critical data that your company relies on is destroyed it may be impossible to retrieve it.
Disasters come in many shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a fire, flood, power outage or something as simple as spilling coffee in your lap top, it doesn’t change the value of your data. If you know you have unprotected data that your company can not afford to lose, please take a moment to consider its value. There are many solutions to this problem but the most important step is making sure that if this were you you would still be able to work tomorrow.

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